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Bankers & Lenders in NYC

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Our office represents a number of major lenders in the Metropolitan and surrounding areas. As a result, we are very familiar with this area of the law and can do it efficiently and effectively and expeditiously. Whether you are a Lender or a Loan Consultant, we would be happy to work with you in closing your loans quickly, often in the same month in which they are assigned to this office, whether purchases or refinances, or one to four family homes or coops.

What makes our firm unique?

First, we track files from the moment we receive the Loan Application (called a 1003) and/or Mortgage Loan Commitment. This means that we don't just sit back and wait until a Title Report comes into the office. Instead, we immediately reach out to the Borrower's attorneys and to the title companies to make sure that we get the Title Report (if real property) or Lien Search (if a Coop) as soon as it is available - the sooner the better! Second, all Title Reports and Lien Searches are reviewed within ONE DAY of receipt and a Title Memorandum or Lien Search Memo are sent to the Borrower's attorney so that they know exactly what they must clear to be able to close on the legal end.

If it is a Coop, we immediately send the Lien Authorization to the Borrower's attorney so that a UCC-1 is filed as soon as possible. Third, our scheduling takes place also within one day after a loan is cleared by the Bank and on title. What does all this add up to? Faster Closings for the Lender and a sooner pay day for the Loan Consultant or Mortgage Broker concerned. The Mortgage Finance Department of the Law Office of Steven R. Sutton has considerable experience representing institutional lenders in commercial and residential mortgage financing transactions. This area of the firm's practice is supported by our extensive real estate practice, particularly in resolving title-related issues.

Our representation includes acquisition financing, refinancing and assignment of mortgages. Contact us today.