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NYC Non-Disclosure Agreements

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When employing individuals to work with high profile information or confidential documentation it is important to take the proper measures to secure this privileged information. A non-disclosure agreement, also referred to as NDA or confidentiality agreement, serves that exact purpose. By having employees agree and sign to a non-disclosure agreement, you protect your company from a wide range of employee acts of disloyalty, intellectual property theft or misuse of valuable information. For the NDA to be effective, it is strongly recommended to seek legal recourse to insure that the agreement is legally binding and includes specific provisions and trade secrets that apply to your company. It should also detail how to use confidential information in order to avoid any possible misunderstanding or misconduct.

Violation of a non-disclosure agreement can have devastating repercussions on the survival of a business. You cannot afford to bypass this important step to securing your business. You need a skilled lawyer to customize a NDA to fit the exact needs of your business. At the Law Office of Steven R. Sutton, a NYC litigation attorney can skillfully draft and complete a non-disclosure agreement and non-compete agreement, while also help obtain compensation for damages in the event of non-disclosure agreement breach. Our firm has helped clients cope with every type of business litigation case. Our reputation for being passionate about fighting for our clients' rights and offering the needed support is unmatched.

Non-Disclosure Agreement Charges

Our firm's experience with not only creating vital legal agreements, but also detecting the weaknesses in contracts has helped give our clients an advantage when disputing such allegations. Non-disclosure agreement cases can be extremely complex and can involve many individuals. The growth of your business depends on the reliability and knowledge of your legal representation.

If found guilty of a non-disclosure agreement violation, a person could face the following penalties:

  • Fines
  • Mandatory compensation for monetary damages
  • Loss of employment
  • Enjoin further use of company information

Our New York City litigation lawyers will pursue the matter fully as if we were fighting for our own rights. Call today!