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Partnership Dispute lawyer In NYC

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In many cases, partnership disputes arise due to a failure to establish the roles, rights and responsibilities of the partners at the time the relationship is formed. Written agreements are frequently overlooked in favor of verbal agreements, as printed contracts can be interpreted to mean that there is inherent distrust between the involved parties.

However, if one is entering into a partnership with one or more people, it is imperative to have a properly drafted agreement that addresses issues such as:

  • The commercial enterprise itself
  • The roles and responsibilities of each partner
  • The possibility of future partners, and the procedures for their addition
  • Each partner's initial contribution to the enterprise
  • Procedures for determining salaries and distribution of profits
  • Regulations for any trade secrets belonging to the enterprise
  • Fraud prevention measures
  • Determining the party who controls partnership finances
  • Procedures for the of the partnership

If you are facing some sort of partner dispute, it is to your benefit to obtain representation by a New York City commercial litigation attorney. An attorney can review the specifics of the dispute in order to advise and assist in a course of action that may bring about the desired result in your case.

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