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Resolving New York Lease Disputes

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Landlords and tenants are known to have some of the most precarious relationships. As such, both parties are often walking on thin ice in an attempt to keep each other happy while abiding to certain legal terms and conditions. It's no surprise then that lease disputes are common and require skilled legal representation to pursue successful resolution.

Our firm was founded more than 30 years ago and brings over 75 years of combined experience to every case we take on. With the perfect blend of aggressive negotiation skills and compassionate legal counsel, our clients receive the results they're looking for. Our New York City landlord tenant lawyers believe no case is complete until it's been settled according to your needs.

Are you dealing with disputes over a lease?

A lease keeps operations running smoothly and therefore must be strictly adhered to. Unfortunately, following all that it entails can be difficult for some, particularly when it determines what can and cannot take place in a rental.

The following issues often turn into hotly debated disputes:

  • Terms of the lease
  • Subleasing
  • Deposits
  • Early termination
  • Duty to repair
  • Good-Guy Clauses

Tenants are almost always asked to read and sign their lease before moving in. One glaring problem is that many people skim the page and assume everything is satisfactory without checking the fine print. Rules about who can use the property, monthly payments, and when the lease can be terminated often go unread and lead to arguments between the tenant and landlord later down the line. The good news is that when these arguments do arise, you have a legal advocate you can turn to.

Trust our NYC landlord tenant lawyers to represent your rights!

We understand that these disputes aren't always one-sided and proudly represent both landlords and tenants. In the midst of a conflict, it can be difficult to think clearly and emotions can easily get in the way. Let the Law Office of Steven R. Sutton act as the objective counsel you need during this time. Whether this is your first disagreement or your tenth, we can help you put an end to lease disputes once and for all.

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