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New York False Advertising Litigators

As trusted business litigators, our team at theLaw Office of Steven R. Sutton is committed to helping you and your company with a variety of legal matters. This includes protecting you from any form of unfair business practices that you and your company may encounter. One method of unfair practice is false advertising. When defined, false advertising means that a person or entity is using statements for advertising that are misleading to the public. Sadly, these practices not only affect the consumers seeking to buy a good or service, but it can also harm the competing companies' opportunity for sales. An advertisement is to be founded on "truth" and when a company fails to accurately portray the product through deceptive or misleading tactics, many companies and consumers may suffer as a result.

Protecting Businesses from Unfair Competition in NYC

False advertising, as stated, often times has extremely negative effects on business competition, and this is categorized as being "unfair competition." The laws for unfair competition seek to protect the various investments made by businesses including intellectual property and economic gain. Intellectual property will include the exclusive rights that a company has for their products or methods such as trade secrets, patents, copyrights, industrial design rights, etc. and if another company wrongfully uses these trade secrets for their advertisements it can affect the overall sales of the company. These laws will also seek to protect the rapport that the businesses have established with their consumers while at the same time encouraging competing businesses to develop better protects to keep the spirit of competition alive within the businesses world of goods and services. Clearly, competition can be done in a manner that is legal and when companies seek to implore deceitful practices such as false advertising, companies and consumers may be harmed.

Contacting a New York City Litigation Attorney

Whether your business is suffering as a result of these unfair practices or your company is being accused of this offense, our team of experienced New York City litigators is prepared to fight on your behalf. We understand the sweat and blood that you have poured out in order to make your company what it is today, and if you are looking at the unethical threats of another company, or the accusation of wrongful acts, we want to help you. At the Law Office of Steven R. Sutton, we are committed to offering the hands on dedication that every client deserves in order to properly address the legal matters at hand, and we want to offer this service to you as well. With years of experience on our side, you can rest assured that your company, your reputation and your finances are in trustworthy hands.

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