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When your commercial landlord is trying to end your lease against your will, a lease termination may significantly and negatively affect your business and lease rights. But our law office and skilled attorneys may be able to help you obtain a Yellowstone injunction or preliminary injunction to maintain the status quo and keep your lease viable or your company in the rented space until a judge decides who is right. To talk to an experienced attorney about your right to a Yellowstone injunction or preliminary injunction under state landlord tenant law, contact the Law Office of Steven R. Sutton.

What is a Yellowstone Injunction in NYC?

When a notice to cure an alleged violation of the commercial lease is served by the Landlord, a Yellowstone injunction is a remedy available to commercial tenants through the New York State Supreme Court to freeze the time to cure pending litigation. It is often useful for tenants when their commercial landlord alleges some sort of lease violation, or default under the lease. Obtaining a Yellowstone injunction allows you to keep the lease effective until a judge determines whether or not the alleged breach of lease was serious enough to be a reason for lease termination, or whether the tenant violated the lease at all. Yellowstone injunctions can be an effective way to keep you in your current location and your lease in effect.

A Yellowstone injunction is a way that the court maintains the status quo. This prohibits the landlord from terminating a lease while also maintaining the tenant's right to cure the alleged problem without the expiration of the notice to cure. If you are unable or fail to secure a Yellowstone injunction, the notice to cure would end up expiring before the judge can make a decision regarding the alleged default. This would allow the landlord to terminate the lease without a judge's determination. To protect yourself from this action, team up with a skilled lawyer from our firm to fight for a Yellowstone injunction. We are familiar with the process of avoiding lease forfeitures and we know what is at stake. Call before it's too late to see how we may be able to help you.

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