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New Business Start Ups

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Starting a new business is exhilarating and challenging. Along with the excitement comes anxiety; anxiety for the unknown future of the economy and the viability of the new business. It also comes with a multitude of questions as to how best start this new business and how to make responsible and realistic business decisions, while protecting one's livelihood and financial security.

Here at the Law Office of Steven R. Sutton, a litigation attorney can thoroughly advise you with regards to each and every step of your business startup. With over 75 years of combined experience in business litigation, we provide Wall Street-level legal services that surpass the call of duty. We are passionate about helping our clients establish a solid business base by providing qualified business tools and offering top notch legal protection and support.

Start Up Services

If you have a new business idea and want to start it on the right foot, our firm will do everything in its power to help you achieve your business goals and protect your legal interests.

We help our business entity formation clients with the following services:

  • Selecting the right entity (partnership, S corporation, C corporation, LLC)
  • Drafting legal agreements (buyout, shareholder, business, partnership, LLC)
  • Filing all necessary paperwork (certificate of incorporation, state documents)
  • Advising on business locations
  • Reviewing commercial leases (recapture, relocation, guarantee, and termination provisions; and good guy clauses)

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Our firm is dedicated to helping you properly plan your business strategy, while insuring that all parties involved are protected in the case of the termination of a partnership, commercial lease constraints and changes, or any unforeseen events. Our firm is reputed for achieving astounding results by offering personalized service, a high work ethic and a relentless desire to protect your rights, protect you from personal liability and help your business succeed.