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A Firm that Doesn't Back Down Steven R. Sutton will put in his full efforts into winning your case.

Seven Reasons To Hire Our Firm

What sets our firm apart?

Dealing with any kind of legal matter can be daunting. When you are up against major commercial landlords, other businesses or other large firms, it may feel overwhelming. At theLaw Office of Steven R. Sutton, we also understand that you cannot drop everything related to your work to deal with a legal issue. Allowing our New York City litigation lawyers to investigate and put together a solid case on your behalf could ultimately be your best option. As with any major decision, however, you should do your homework before just settling on any attorney. For this very reason, we have put a list together of seven reasons that sets our firm apart from the rest.

  • 1. As an accomplished New York City litigation attorney, Attorney Sutton is known as a fierce, tenacious and hard-hitting advocate for his client's rights, whether the case is complex or simple.
  • 2. The Law Office of Steven R. Sutton is known as a firm that will leave no stone unturned to find the right precedent to support each of our client's positions. We often are able to show that the authorities cited by the other side of the case have no bearing on the issues at hand.
  • 3. We are known as a firm that files extensive well-written papers in support of our arguments because our attorneys were trained at the premier law firms in this city.
  • 4. Our team at the Law Office of Steven R. Sutton is known as one that understands the "ins and outs" of making persuasive arguments because our attorneys know how Judges think and make decisions. In fact, Attorney Sutton has served as a Law Assistant to the Justices of the Appellate Division, Second Department.
  • 5. Known as a litigation firm that can and will go toe to toe with some of New York's largest firms and win, we know that the ability to win cases depends greatly on the work ethic of the attorneys assigned to the particular case. It is not because of the size of the other firm, which is wholly irrelevant.
  • 6. The Law Office of Steven R. Sutton is known as one that will go the "extra mile" to win your case based on the law and the facts. We exhaustively research the law and painstakingly review and pore over every piece of evidence and fact that we discover.
  • 7. Our results are exceptional because we work so hard for our clients and pay close attention to the details, which is where many cases are lost or won. We do all this because we truly care about our clients and their success and want them to come back again as repeat lifetime clients.

A few more reasons

  • 1. We are experts at commercial lease drafting and review. We have an “edge” since we are litigators in these areas and know how a lease provision will “play out” in court. If we look over a commercial lease on your behalf or on behalf of your company, we do it with the “long haul”, and never want a client to come back even years later and say they had a problem that we did not anticipate or protect against. And the truth is—I have never had such a call.
  • 2. When it comes to commercial litigation, we were trained on the trial level by some of the top law firms in this City. And on the appellate level, we were trained and honed by the Justices and law clerks of one of the premier Courts in New York, the Appellate Division for the Second Judicial Department, so we know litigation on both levels, and from inside and outside of the Courtroom. Few law firms can boast such experience and training.
  • 3. As important, and probably most important, we care about our clients and their success overall and in the long term. Many of our clients come back again and again over time and that is the most rewarding aspect of our practice. With the Law Office of Steven R. Sutton, you will know that your case is important, and you are important and we are here for you!

Contact The Law Office of Steven R. Sutton Today

For these reasons, and for many others, including our devotion to providing personalized attention and superb quality products, if you have a commercial or business dispute or litigation, you should contact and meet with an attorney from our New York City litigation firm today! You owe it to yourself!

With us, you are not just a paycheck or a dollar sign. You are a real person or a real company to whom the results of your case really matter--and that matters to us as well! Give us a call today at (212) 696-0090.

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Client Testimonials

  • “Steven is a tough and hard, always working on our side.”

    Sammy Marcos

  • “Mr. Sutton is a top professional and anyone would be lucky to have him represent you.”

    A. Luke

  • “He was incredibly diligent and did a fantastic job even though we were dealing with extremely difficult landlords and management.”

    Ian Mapes

  • “We were especially pleased by Sutton's win, on our behalf, at the Appellate Division of the NYS Civil Supreme Court.”

    Amelia Arcamone-Makinano

  • “I highly recommend Steven, he is a highly qualified, well rounded attorney.”

    Robert Uber

  • “What separates Steven from other excellent litigators, is that in addition to his sharp, analytical mind, he possesses a boundless creativity.”

    U.N. Owen

  • “We have used the Law office of Steven Sutton on several occasions and have had only success with them.”

    Phil Dushey

  • “I couldn’t be happier with what we were able to achieve and I’ll definitely ask Steven to represent me again.”

    Bryan L.

  • “An amazing lawyer”


  • “I have had experience with several lawyers and Steven Sutton is one of the best, a real problem solver to your advantage.”

    B. Aldaia

  • “We were securing a commercial space in Manhattan and he was excellent at both pushing back when he felt terms should be pressed, and respecting us as clients when we were willing to concede on a point.”

    Nathanael Barbey

  • “In addition to his sharp, analytical mind, he possesses a boundless creativity. ”

    U.N. Owen

  • “He has a sense of organization, a calm demeanor, punctual at meetings, his tremendous expertise with legal research proved success for victorious judgement.”

    Rachid Niang

  • “He is also very perceptive and works with a very level headed and straight forward demeanor.”

    Jack Franco

What Sets Our Firm Apart?

  • Over 40 Years of Legal Experience
  • We Put in the Effort & Know How to Win
  • Known to go Toe-to-Toe with New York's Largest Firms
  • Attorney Sutton Puts His Full Heart & Energy into Every Case
  • Our Exceptional Results are a Direct Result of Our Dedication