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When Should You Contact an Attorney?

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Many individuals and corporate heads make the mistake of believing that they should contact an attorney as late as possible, such as a after a litigation or lawsuit has already been commenced against them. They believe that in doing so, they are minimizing their legal costs.

In truth, that is probably the worst possible approach for the following reasons:

  • After the other party to the dispute has gone to the trouble and expense of hiring an attorney, they are much less likely to be reasonable or accommodating when negotiating a settlement.
  • The longer it takes the parties to talk to each other, the more likely they are to become polarized in their views and unable to take the other side's views and needs into account.
  • After talking to an attorney, parties are very likely to become "sold" on their own positions and ignore the fact that there may be weak points in their own arguments and positions.
  • When parties wait, often practical solutions that may have been possible become impossible and unavailable simply because of the passage of time.

For all of these reasons, it you have a business or commercial dispute, and certainly if it has erupted into business litigation or commercial litigation, immediately contact a lawyer. Hiring a New York City litigation attorney before a lawsuit is filed may help you avoid litigation and could result in reduced legal expenses.

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