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Mortgage Foreclosure 911

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For many people, their house is the most significant financial investment they will make during their lifetime. So, when they are on the brink of losing that investment through a mortgage foreclosure, they need an attorney who can take quick and aggressive action to protect their assets and save their home. They need the services of the Law Office of Steven R. Sutton.

At our office, we use our resources and connections to assist clients on the verge of losing their most valued asset: their home. We fight mortgage foreclosure or negotiate aggressively to help our clients get their lives back on track.

"Steve all I can say [is] Thank You. I thought my life was over. My home was just about in foreclosure and I owed the State and IRS back taxes which I could not pay. I was trying to refinance my home to restructure my debt and was turned down everywhere. I remember the day I called you, which was on a different matter and we just started talking. You said you could help and frankly I did not believe you and just thought you were trying to make me feel better. Well that was all in the past. You made sure I did not go into foreclosure and got me a good bank to refinance my home at good rates and I was able to pay everyone off and make my life work. Again I want to thank you. If we did not speak that day who knows where I would be." - Mr. D

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If you are facing mortgage foreclosure, we work diligently to get the best results for you. Working closely with you and the lending sources that we are in touch with, we often go above and beyond to provide the highest caliber legal work possible. We negotiate with your mortgage lender and with their foreclosure lawyers. We take action to prevent or slow down mortgage foreclosure proceedings. We also help refer clients to reputable funding sources with whom we are familiar for help. So, when you work with the Law Office of Steven R. Sutton, you work with a small firm that provides extraordinary service.

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