Commercial Eviction

Are you being evicted in New York City?

If you've been operating a successful business, you know how tough the competitive environment can be. You work hard, establish a connection with the neighborhood, and build up a base of clients. Then one day you receive a letter saying that your commercial building is going condo, or worse, workers simply commence construction around you. Maybe you receive a frivolous notice to cure or notice to terminate your lease designed to get you to leave your business premises. What are your rights as a tenant? Do you have any legal recourse?

If you are a business owner facing an eviction, or if a developer or building owner is constructively interfering with your business, you need the help of a lawyer with experience and a strong understanding of commercial real estate law. With the help of a New York City landlord tenant attorney, you will have an increased chance of obtaining the results you need.

Representation for Landlords in Commercial Eviction Cases

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Steven R. Sutton possess over 75 years of combined experience representing tenants in commercial evictions — or summary proceedings, as they are called in New York. Our firm also provides aggressive representation to commercial landlords seeking to bring eviction actions against tenants. In each case that we address, we ensure that we provide the maximum effort and level of dedication for the client.

While our firm is a business, we genuinely care about each individual and business that we serve, and our goal is always to secure case resolutions that are in their best interests. We urge you to contact a New York City litigation lawyer if you are in need of help in a case that involves:

Condo Conversion Eviction

If you are a commercial tenant occupying an office or other space in a commercial building, and you learn that your landlord is in the process of converting the building into residential condominiums, make sure you protect your interests and understand your rights. If your landlord commences a course of conduct that can only be described as harassment and that is designed to get you out of the building, please contact us immediately so we can take steps to protect you.

You are entitled to the quiet enjoyment of your space, to the services to which your lease entitles you, and to the use and enjoyment of the common areas. Under New York law, your landlord cannot unreasonably interfere with your use of space and must provide you with the promised services. The Law Offices of Steven R. Sutton can assist you in asserting your rights to protect your business moving forward.

Protecting Your Rights Against Over-Zealous Commercial Developers

We have achieved great success in the area of defending retail clients from overzealous real estate developers. Our lawyers can aggressively fight commercial developers who wish to evict you on short notice in order to achieve their grandiose ideas of property development. We fight to protect you, the commercial tenants, who have toiled for years to build your business and develop your clientele in a particular locale. Many of our clients do not realize that they have rights and that they can fight back.

After contacting the Law Offices of Steven R. Sutton, our clients learn that tenants do have rights and legal options. This office has been extremely successful in asserting those rights against over-eager real estate developers who would trample the "little guy" under the heels of so-called progress. Don't be afraid to fight back. Contact the Law Office of Steven R. Sutton to assist you and to fight on your behalf.