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Settlement Obtained for Rent-Stabilized Tenant

Recently, The Law Office of Steven R. Sutton represented a rent-stabilized tenant in a case against a large real estate developer/builder in lower Manhattan, New York City. The firm filed two separate ...
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What is a landlord allowed to do for an eviction?

Landlord-tenant disputes are common in New York, but legislation over the past generation has attempted to make clear when landlords are authorized to evict their tenants. "Part of the ...
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Breaking a Lease: What are your rights?

It is often the case that renters and tenants need to move out before their lease is up. This breaks or violates the terms of the lease which also stipulates that the landlord cannot raise the monthly ...
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Commercial Tenants' Audit Rights

If you do not trust your landlord to charge you a fair amount of rent, there is no way for you to know if the operating expense numbers reflect reality unless you have the right to check. You would ...
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Required Disclosures when Selling U.S. Real Estate

You may be forced to disclose certain problems with your home when you intend to sell it. Otherwise, you may be charged with fraudulently hiding flaws in your home. In general, you are only required ...
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Rights of Commercial Tenants & Yellowstone Injunctions

Although a commercial tenants lack some fundamental protections afforded to residential tenants, this does not mean that commercial tenants have no rights with regard to conditions and services. If ...
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Commercial Leases & Asserting Tenants' Rights

The typical commercial lease runs for 3 to 5 years, and for retail leases, the term usually runs from 5 to 10 years since the location is essential for the tenant's success. Without a provision ...
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NY Rent Laws Protect Tenants from Landlord Harassment

When landlords engage in behaviors that are intended to force a tenant out of his or her apartment or to cause a tenant to give up their rights under the rent laws, the tenants are entitled to legal ...
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