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With more than 75 years of combined legal experience, attorneys at the Law Office of Steven R. Sutton know how to handle all types of commercial landlord and tenant claims. In just two and a half decades of service, we have helped thousands of clients across New York and recovered millions of dollars on their behalf. Our firm is dedicated to resolving landlord and tenant matters with ease and efficiency; however, we are not afraid to provide aggressive support. Our lawyers know how put their years of experience to work on behalf of clients, securing outstanding results.

"When I take on a new case or client, I truly put my heart and soul into the matter. It's not just that you are giving me money, that I am sure is hard-earned, and I want you to get something of value for that, but I take the responsibility very, very seriously that you are entrusting the future of your business (or the facet of your personal life) to me and to my office, and that is now in our hands and I want to secure that important issue for you with all of my fibre and being."
Steven R. Sutton

When you work with our firm, you get the personalized counsel and representation you need for any type of real estate litigation matter. While protecting the livelihood of your business from financial struggles, we keep you informed on the proceedings of your case. This gives you the peace of mind and confidence you need throughout the process. We are always willing to take on a challenge for the best interest of our clients, no matter how complex a case or claim is.

Aggressively Handling Real Estate Matters

Our NYC commercial landlord tenant lawyers are confident taking on any real estate dispute or litigation matter for our clients. We will relentlessly advocate your best interests in any legal situation.

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No matter what your situation, it is always beneficial to involve a legal representative in your real estate dispute. Even the most common issues can quickly turn into a complex and difficult case to navigate, which is why having an attorney is crucial.

Our firm is here to protect your rights and aggressively defend your best interest. Contact our NYC landlord tenant attorney today to schedule your initial consultation.